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Tax Law Attorney in Douglasville, Georgia

Protect Your Legal Rights

Tax law binder resting on other documents, along with glasses and pensLet Atty Greg T. Bailey & Assoc. safeguard your rights as you work through your IRS tax issue. As a new client, you'll receive a free consultation to go over the audit or tax prep process. We want to form a mutually beneficial relationship with every client!

At the consultation, we'll provide you with:

  • Initial guidelines and recommendations

  • Explanation of any needed information

  • Preparation for future IRS negotiations

Do you need help preparing your individual or business's taxes?

Get the Guidance You Deserve

Are you facing a tax audit or seemingly insurmountable IRS debt?

Atty Greg T. Bailey & Assoc., Inc. will provide you with the thorough, prompt support you need in Douglasville, Georgia. We can prepare your tax return to maximize deductions and lower your risk of audit. In the event that you do receive an audit notice, we can help you interpret the request and proceed with confidence.

Call us to work with a Douglasville, Georgia tax attorney.