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We provide IRS help and more to Douglasville, GA

Atty Greg T. Bailey & Assoc., Inc. is a law firm that’s known for providing effective legal strategies and solutions to clients like you.

Our lead counsel, Greg T. Bailey, boasts over 30 years of qualified experience with a wide variety of legal issues. He believes that a positive attorney-client relationship is crucial for achieving success in any legal proceeding. As a new client of our Douglasville, Georgia law firm, you’ll receive a free consultation to discuss our process and your expectations.

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1. Tax support

For many people, tax season is a time of increased anxiety and concern. But it doesn’t have to be! With Atty Greg T. Bailey & Assoc. in your corner, you’ll rest easy throughout the month of April. We can provide you or your business with:

2. Bankruptcy assistance

Are you buried under a mountain of debt? Are you unable to see a way out of your overwhelming financial burden?

Don’t feel defeated – call Atty Greg T. Bailey & Assoc. today. Our Douglasville, Georgia law firm will help you explore your options in:

In addition to explaining the pros and cons of the various bankruptcy options, we can work to prevent your home’s foreclosure. Let us fight on your behalf!

3. Personal injury representation

If you’ve been injured as a result of another party’s negligence, call Atty Greg T. Bailey & Assoc. We’ll help you pursue the financial reward you rightfully deserve. Don’t let your pain and suffering miss its day in court – contact all personal injury lawyers today.

Call Atty Greg T. Bailey & Assoc at 404-397-1975 to speak with a Douglasville, Georgia personal injury attorney.

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